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Space making and coaching for busy humans ready to get clear on what’s possible.

(Hint: everything)


“Things” are never just things.

photos and receipts

They’re memories, mementos, and markers of our history that we’re told mean more than anything.

But between you and me? They’re also the sneaky physical weights that keep us stagnant, stifled, and overwhelmed.

Wildly overcommitted.

And deeply resentful that there’s not more space in our closets, relationships, and lives on the whole.

hat, watches, receipt

But here’s the thing…

Real joy starts with cleaning out your


After all, it’s hard to feel calm and capable with unopened mail crammed into every corner of your desk.

It’s tricky to release past versions of yourself & rewrite your story if you’re surrounded by painful pictures of who you used to be.

And it’s nearly impossible to get completely clear on where you want to go, if you haven’t sifted through exactly where you’re at.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Paige Shockley

I’m here to help you get exactly what you want,,,

by getting rid of what you don’t.

Life will never be perfect and pretty all the time…

but your systems can be.

A few ways we can change your inner & outer worlds, one totally doable step at a time.


Make Space for the Past // Do your memories justice and make sure your favorite photos are always easy to find.

Get Clear in Your Photos


Free Up Room For What’s Next // Declutter your space to make room for the joyful life you’ve always dreamed of.

Get Clear in Your Home


Declutter Your Dreams // Make expansive space for your goals—plus the systems to help you get them.

Get Clear in Your Life
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Extremely creative, very responsive, incredibly reliable, great personality, always smiling, fun to work with and above all SUPER organized. I would recommend Paige without hesitation.

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let’s make space for YOU.

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