July 21, 2023

Are You Evolving or Revolving: My Logo Explained

It’s the week I’ve been waiting for! My new website is finally launching out into the world and I’m feeling so happy/relieved/excited/nervous. Guess I’m feeling all the feels since I can’t quite pick just one word. I have been working closely with Soul Camp Creative to craft an updated online home and brand for my business that feels authentic to what I do and who I am. I think we nailed it. I’m going to break down my thoughts about my new logo and how it represents my work’s mission–to help busy humans clear space in their life for what matters most to them.

I want to talk about two words, revolution and evolution. I’m gonna back this train up for a second and share some definitions I snagged from dictionary.com.

The idea of revolving reminds me of being on a merry-go-round. You’re moving forward yet ending up in the same place over and over and over, not to mention you might end up feeling pretty gross. Sometimes I hear people talking about wanting to get off the hamster wheel. It’s the same idea. You’re moving and moving but not really ending up anywhere new. I hear this when people tell me they’re overwhelmed, frustrated, exhausted, burnt out, and feeling like they just can’t get ahead. You’re surviving, not going backward, not going forwards, you’re feeling stuck and/or unfulfilled.

In my new logo, revolving is represented in the large outer circle. 

When you evolve, there is a sense of advancing ahead, growing, developing, and breaking out of a cyclical pattern. You’re thriving. Your actions are getting you closer to where you want to be, instead of keeping you in the same spot. When I work with people, my goal is to get clear about their current situation and also define their dreams, their goals, and objectives based on their own unique values.

Here are some of the questions I think are worthwhile to consider if you are in a cycle of the same old same old.

  • Are you feeling the same way you felt last year at this time? 
  • Do you feel overwhelmed or tired?
  • Do you feel like you’re constantly moving but not getting ahead?
  • Do you find yourself complaining about the same things you were complaining about in the past?
  • What do you want for yourself in 5 years?
  • Are your daily/monthly/yearly habits helping you move the needle in that direction?
  • Are you doing the work to reach your goals or are you just talking the talk? 
  • Are you setting yourself up for success with realistic goals?
  • What actionable first step would help you move in the right direction?
  • What’s getting in the way of taking that action?
  • Are you welcoming change into your life or shying away from it?

Most people are hesitant to change because it can be really uncomfortable. You have probably heard this phrase before, “You can’t have everything the same and have everything different at the same time.” Often, we do things in repetitive circles, going round and round, not getting where we want to be yet not fully realizing we might be sabotaging our own efforts. Often, we become blind to the habits and patterns that are keeping us stuck and this is why a fresh set of eyes can help get you off the hamster wheel. That’s where I come in!

The inside of my new logo represents this idea of evolving. There is a  “P” for Paige with an arrow on the end that breaks through the larger circle. Together we work to create systems and gain awareness on patterns that may positively or negatively affecting the progress towards your goals and wishes.

“Progress, not perfection.” This is a phrase I hear often these days but what does it really mean? I work with a lot of extremely capable and smart humans who have very high standards for themselves. I used to say I was a “recovering perfectionist” but I have come to understand that perfectionism doesn’t have to be a bad thing but can actually be beneficial. As a person with perfectionistic tendencies, I have had to harness the good parts of perfectionism while also learning to let go of the parts that don’t serve me. Most perfectionists understand they often put off doing projects unless they can do them perfectly. In my business, we dig deep into that perfectionistic mindset and break it down until we find a happy medium. No matter how small, any progress toward a goal is better than none. I like to say that imperfection IS perfect!

This idea is visible in my logo because it’s not uniform or balanced. The outer circle is not an actual perfect circle. The ends are not identical to each other. These imperfections give all of us permission to let go of the rigidity and impossibility of perfection.

I promise the kids are gonna be alright.

If you feel like you’re stuck on the neverending hamster wheel of life, maybe you’re revolving in a cycle of habits and behavior that’s not moving you in a fresh direction. Maybe you feel like life is stagnant and boring. Maybe your life is so busy with good things but you are left feeling tired and run down. Maybe your life is really great yet you still have a feeling it could be that much more. When you evolve, you’re actively choosing to learn from your past experiences to make better decisions for yourself going forward. Life is constantly changing, but we have a choice in whether we stay with the same comfortable rhythms and routines or whether we forge a new way by trying something different. 

My new logo is an expression of all of this-fresh starts, embracing imperfection, forging our unique path in life. Hopefully, when you look at it, you’ll understand why I think it’s the perfect expression of the work I do to help people clear space in their lives to make way for bigger and better. It makes so much sense to me!


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