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Together, we’ll clear out the old clutter, preserve your memories & pave the way for what comes next.

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Make Space for the Past // Do your memories justice and make sure your favorite photos are always easy to find.

Get Clear in Your Photos


Free Up Room For What’s Next // Declutter your space to make room for the joyful life you’ve always dreamed of.

Get Clear in Your Home


Declutter Your Dreams // Make expansive space for your goals—plus the systems to help you get them.

Get Clear in Your Life

Get Clear In Your


digital media conversion & photo organization

You deserve to stroll down memory lane without getting buried under scattered stacks of pictures that actively fade with age.

After all, photos aren’t just pieces of paper — they’re snapshots of the milliseconds that make up our entire lives.

That’s why every photo organization project is treated with the utmost reverence.

best way to organize digital photos

Together, we’ll sort through the envelopes of printed pics & negatives, gather the cassettes, transfer the VHS videos, and organize your digital library into an easy system you feel confident using.

The end result? A full catalog of your photos & memories at your fingertips, that you can look back on forever. 💓

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The quality of her scanning is the highest I have ever experienced in the industry. Every photo and folder is perfectly dated, marked and sorted. In addition, she helped me import all these scans into my Apple Photo Library maintaining perfectly organized folder structures.


I was able to give my parents the gift of old VHS home videos that Paige transferred to digital for us. Delivered in a beautiful, professional package, it was the perfect present! Thank you, Paige, for giving us hours of forgotten moments to treasure.


Paige is a professional in every sense of the word. She is responsive and prompt. She organized all my old photos into a fabulous online portal that our family will forever enjoy and the best part— I’ll never have to lug around ancient photo albums every time I move!!


Paige is wonderful to work with. She is very flexible in working around your time constraints. And she follows up with any of your concerns. You can trust Paige with your most valuable memories.


Get Clear In Your


organizing services & systems strategies for more joy

Stuff has significance, and I will never (ever) pretend otherwise. But when it comes to what’s most important, your quality of life always matters more than the items you’ve collected.

That’s where I come in — to help you let go of the clutter in your home & reclaim the relaxation that’s been put last on the to-do list.

professional home organization services

Together, we can tackle everything from organizing receipts to editing your closet down to a capsule wardrobe.

If it’s piling up on your bathroom counter, let’s create easy solutions that save time. If the mail is stacked high on the dining room table, let’s take charge of what needs action and discard the rest.

And if it’s weighing on your heart, soul, and mind, let’s streamline it so you feel excited again. 💪🏽

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She is committed to shifting the mindset behind WHY we have so many things to contain, because she has seen that without the right habits, no system is self-sustainable. Paige offers a more comprehensive and, I think, “wholistic” approach to organizing our stuff, in that she asks us to think about the habits that got us to where we are in the first place.

maggie butorac

Paige is not just any organizer. Yes, of course she helps you organize, develop a system that works in your household and de-clutter. But as you work with her on these physical projects she will help you organize, prioritize and de-clutter your life. I have changed so many habits because of Paige. To say her approach is life changing is an under statement!

joana nassa

Get Clear In Your


1:1 coaching intensives for radical decluttering & self-growth

Your goals are beautifully expansive — which means you need ample space to daydream, and smart systems that turn your hopes into action…

…and action into results.

I do this decluttering work so wholeheartedly because I know what a difference it makes to our inside worlds when our outside environments are simplified.

how to declutter

If you’re feeling unfulfilled, discouraged, or disheartened and you don’t know why, let’s start digging into what’s keeping you stuck.

Your dreams aren’t too big. Your space is maybe just a little too cluttered right now to support the scale of your goals.

Over the course of our time together, we’ll…

open up your bandwidth and walk hand-in-hand towards the future you’ve imagined — one small step + concrete system at a time. 💓

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Working with her is sort of like going to therapy, in that it calls for self-reflection that leads to sustainable improvement in the spaces, both mental and physical, that have the greatest impact on our lives.

maggie butorac

Paige is amazing! Hardworking, organized, diligent, brilliant and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get organized in a simple and efficient way.

lois kelly


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