for decluttering your dreams and getting organized.

Because the secret to success is simple and sustainable systems.

Paige Shockley

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Let’s get clear

Reimagining the simple life to unlock lasting happiness.

As a culture, we’re taught that success looks like spending, collecting, and shoving stuff into every square inch of our lives. It’s a relentless push to buy more, in an effort to feel “better”. But how is that freedom?

Together, we’ll strip back the myths of consumerism, sort out facts from reality, and:

  • Reconnect you with the values & dreams you care about most.
  • Create big picture strategies that streamline your life, save you time, and free up space.
  • Break down the steps into bite-sized, approachable pieces that mean BIG results from small actions.
  • Finally set you fully free from the buying cycle that keeps you tired, in debt, and overwhelmed.
  • Make space for rest, ambition, and play!

You’ll leave the session inspired to change your environment, clear on next steps, and energized to get started.

Contentment starts here.

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make it fun again.

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She is committed to shifting the mindset behind WHY we have so many things to contain… Paige offers a more comprehensive and, I think, “wholistic” approach to organizing our stuff, in that she asks us to think about the habits that got us to where we are in the first place.
Working with her is sort of like going to therapy, in that it calls for self-reflection that leads to sustainable improvement in the spaces, both mental and physical, that have the greatest impact on our lives.

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let’s make space for YOU.

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