Close The Loop

A very common situation I find happening in my own house and in almost all the houses I work in is that horizontal surfaces attract…everything. For some reason, it’s easy to get things out when you need them but putting things away is less likely to happen. Here is an example of what I mean.…

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Are You Evolving or Revolving: My Logo Explained

are you evolving or revolving

It’s the week I’ve been waiting for! My new website is finally launching out into the world and I’m feeling so happy/relieved/excited/nervous. Guess I’m feeling all the feels since I can’t quite pick just one word. I have been working closely with Soul Camp Creative to craft an updated online home and brand for my…

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The 1-Month White Dress Challenge: 10 Things I’ve learned from wearing the same dress every day for a month

wardrobe challenge

How this began: A couple years ago, I saw a black $10 t-shirt dress in Target and thought it would be an interesting idea to wear it every day for a month. Fast forward to the present year and I wanted to do it again, but with a different color dress. After a bit of…

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I Don’t Own Extra Sheets

When people ask me for tips and tricks on organizing a linen closet, my number one tip is always the same. Don’t organize things you don’t need. Having only one set of sheets for each bed has massively simplified my own life. I believe you can have one set of sheets for each bed AND still live…

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